The Door Into Fire

Middle Kingdoms #1
The Door into Fire (Tale of the Five #1)
The Door Into Fire (Amazon paperback, Ebooks Direct and Amazon ebook))
The Door into Fire (Tale of the Five #1)
The Door into Fire (Tale of the Five #1) Corgi mmpb cover
The Door into Fire (Tale of the Five #1) Bluejay Books trade pb cover
Die Tuer ins Feuer (German edition, Heyne Buecher)
The Door into Fire (Tale of the Five #1) Methuen UK mmpb
The Door into Fire (Tale of the Five #1) Dell SF 1st edition mmpb

Book 1 of The Tale of the Five

"Good strong stuff with the right light touch." (Terry Pratchett) 

"Expands the limits of the swords and sorcery genre. Exciting, magical, intelligent."
(Publishers Weekly)

Herewiss is the only man in centuries to possess the Power of the blue Flame, but he can't use or control it -- not even to help his friend and lover Freelorn, the exiled prince of Arlen. Herewiss does have a talent for more mundane sorcery, and (aided by the unearthly creature Sunspark) he uses it to rout the armies besieging Freelorn. But now Herewiss faces a devastating choice.

His time to master the blue Fire is running out. Should he join Freelorn in his fight to regain his kingdom? Or should he seek out the ancient keep in the Waste where doors lead into other worlds -- perhaps even the door whose use will teach him to control the Power that he must master or die?...

The Door Into Fire, on the strength of which Diane Duane was twice nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for best new writer in the SF/fantasy field, is the first volume in a series that has become a cult classic of fantasy for its unique take on sword and sorcery and its unforgettable characters.

Edition note: The Door into Fire was first published by Dell SF in 1979, and again by Bluejay Books in 1984, at which time minor emendations and additions were made to the original novel. Our ebooks and our new paperback editions follow the 1984 version of the text, which was also used in Fire's most recent "traditional" print publication by Meisha Merlin Books in 2001.

Reader advisory: This novel contains adult / mature themes and situations.

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