The Door into Fire (Tale of the Five #1)

The Door Into Fire

Middle Kingdoms #1
So You Want To Be A Wizard (Young Wizards Book 1)

So You Want To Be A Wizard

Young Wizards #1
The Wounded Sky (Star Trek #13)

The Wounded Sky

Star Trek (Pocket Books) #13
My Enemy, My Ally (Star Trek: Rihannsu #1)

My Enemy, My Ally

Star Trek (Pocket Books)
The Door into Shadow (Middle Kingdoms #2), new Ebooks Direct ebook / Amazon pb

The Door Into Shadow

Second of the Middle Kingdoms series
Deep Wizardry (Young Wizards #2) Harcourt mass market pb cover

Deep Wizardry

Second of the Young Wizards series
The Romulan Way (Star Trek #35) mass market pb cover

The Romulan Way

Star Trek #35: Rihannsu #2
Spock's World hardcover edition cover

Spock's World

The first hardcover Star Trek novel

Keeper of the City

Guardians of the Three vol. 2
High Wizardry Harcourt mmpb cover (Cliff Nielsen)

High Wizardry

Young Wizards #3

Doctor's Orders

ST:TOS #50
Support Your Local Wizard SFBC hardcover

Support Your Local Wizard

The first Young Wizards omnibus