“Young Wizards: Lifeboats” now at Amazon.com

Cover excerpt from 'Young Wizards: Lifeboats'

A lot of people have been waiting for it to turn up there… so, finally, the news you’ve been wanting to hear: Young Wizards: Lifeboats is now available on Amazon. (Naturally if you prefer to get it DRM-free or in… Continue Reading

We’ll be at Hal-Con 2015 in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Hal-Con 2016 logo

They say that Hal-Con is “the biggest, geekiest SF convention in Atlantic Canada, a sci-fi, fantasy and gaming convention run completely by much-too-dedicated volunteers…”, which makes it a perfect place for us to go. We’ll be two of many guests… Continue Reading

Young Wizards: Lifeboats

Cover excerpt from 'Young Wizards: Lifeboats'

When the renowned saurian Species Archivist to the Powers that Be summons young wizard Kit Rodriguez to participate in an urgent off-planet intervention intended to save many millions of lives, Kit’s hardly going to say “no.” He soon discovers that… Continue Reading

Do. Not. WANT.


  ETA: Thanks to those who set me straight on the non-mandatory side of the upgrade. I’ll take refuge in Rick’s excuse here: “I was misinformed.” As for the rest of it, the “download opportunity” still behaves like malware: you… Continue Reading