When is a “library” not a library?

This is a library.

From over at the Tumblr: freyaliesel: o.o tuebl has all of Young Wizards in the library. BEST NEWS EVER It would be if (a) I’d given them permission to have the books, (b) I was getting paid anything for their… Continue Reading

How Lovely Are Thy Branches: A Young Wizards Christmas


  JD 2455550.52 / December 20th, 2010: It’s five days till Christmas, and the day before the Winter Solstice. The biggest pre-Christmas blizzard seen for decades is heading straight for the New York metropolitan area. But in one small corner… Continue Reading

The Shadow over Cyber Monday


Tomorrow’s one of the big days in the marketing year for anybody who (like us) sells ebooks. But this year, for many of us, there’s a nervous feeling about the event that hasn’t been there before: because this Cyber Monday… Continue Reading

Halloween Candy: an idle personal overview

Candy Corn

It was seeing this thing that got me thinking about the subject. …WTF? RT @pattymo: Who will answer for this crime pic.twitter.com/u0h3jqCfIh — Diane Duane (@dduane) September 17, 2014 What surprised me after the fact was that the very sight… Continue Reading