Be Happy, It’s Imbolc

Cute little lamb

The weather has been utter crap and yet another of this year’s named storms is passing over Ireland. Yet today it is nonetheless Spring. And needless to say, outside this blessed isle, the concept is causing some confusion. From our… Continue Reading

Kit Rodriguez, Percy Jackson, and the Blue Food

Blue macarons

I’ve got a question, and I’m throwing it open to the general readership because answering it at the moment is beyond my competence. The Young Wizards series often gets compared to other YA series, past and present — sometimes with… Continue Reading

The “How Lovely Are Thy Branches” Advent Calendar

Advent Caledar screenshot

So here’s a little toy for everybody to play with. Every day, from now until Christmas, behind a door of the Advent calendar here there’ll be a small chunk of dialogue material that either didn’t make it into the final… Continue Reading