Discworld in Hinckley

by Diane

Now we’re at the Discworld Convention in Hinckley. The convention hotel itself is set about a quarter mile from a major freeway / motorway access: a handsome complex of restaurants, health club facilities and rooms set a mile or so outside Hinckley town proper. The decorating is a little strange: the lobby / reception area is dominated by a giant plaster statue of a barely-clad god with a trident, which immediately made me wonder that no one had told me this con was being held in the Temple of Poseidon. Oh well. The rest of the place is nice. There’s a heated pool, a steambath and a sauna on site, and our room came with a computer. (OK, so it was only running Windoze 95…).

Seen on the way in, in a women’s toilet, on a bin for the disposal of, er, sanitary articles: Three graphics each surrounded by the International No-No Symbol (that red circle and slash). One showed a lit cigarette. OK, that makes sense. The second one showed a bottle. Hmmm….okay, I suppose it would be good to tell people not to throw glass in there.

But the third one showed a knife and fork. No cutlery? Who the heck throws cutlery into one of those?

Peter suggests that any time you see a sign like that, it suggests that someone’s done it: and not just once, either, but repeatedly.

I have to agree with him. Jeez, but people are strange….

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