by Diane

Peter shakes his head at me because I can watch (or listen to) TV while I’m writing. The other thing that makes him shake his head at me: baseball. I really like baseball. Peter is not a Sports Person, not in the slightest (well, except for fencing and archery), and doesn’t see the point of baseball.

I tell him that the point is to watch an elegant tactical game played by men in tight pants. He shakes his head even more.

For a long time he had peace except at World Series time, when I made him videotape the games that Sky Sports deigned to carry (or that ran on the far more sympathetic [UK] Channel 5). However, no peace for Peter any more. Now Sky has signed on a new specialty channel: NASN — North American Sports Network. This, it seems, is an outgrowth of the Irish-based Setanta Sports Network, which carried mostly Gaelic Games and hurley, and played into Irish bars all over the world. Now the same people are bringing us 24-hour baseball, both live and time-delayed: as well as other stuff which interests me less, such as NASCAR and basketball (ok…) and US football (yawn).


So back to work. Top of the 5th, Kansas City vs Chicago White Sox. The roar of the crowd. Get me some peanuts and Cracker Jack…

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