Laughing makes you feel better

by Diane

At least it works that way for me.

First of all…thanks to everybody for the condolences. This has been a difficult time for both Peter and me, but we’re beginning to pull things together again. We’ll always miss Bubble: that doesn’t change. The relative silence in the house — for she was genuinely the world’s talkiest cat, with a sound effect for everything — is tough to take sometimes. Nonetheless (however soppy it sounds to say it) she wouldn’t have liked us to be sad for very long. Bubble’s basic “ground-of-being” level, when not sleeping with truly impressive intensity, was to be bouncing around doing things at maximum speed, enjoying herself and trying to draft everyone else available into the game. Stomper

Secondary to that, a couple of web resources have turned up which lightened the mood a whole lot over the last week, or in some cases reduced me to tears of laughter.

The “Bored of the Rings” website (don’t miss the fanart)

Star Dudes: especially “The Phantom Dude”

Quentin Tarantino meets Plato’s Republic

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics

Hulk’s Diary That Is On The Internet

And oh dear…

Ten things you didn’t know about the Queen Mum (Not the slightest bit less funny because she’s dead.)

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