Like Aaron Sorkin needs this

by Diane


…A prostitute he knew years ago has made him a central figure in her memoir.

Yet, if true, is this one of those “the-biter-bit” situations? Because it says a little further down —

She says he told her he’d written a call-girl character into “The West Wing.”

“I wrote it because (I’m serious about this) I’ve always remembered the way you came over to my apartment,” according to the E-mail she reproduces. “I remember looking at you and thinking: I don’t understand why this isn’t my girlfriend.”

Despite that note, she feels ripped off. “Almost every time we were together in his penthouse, he asked me to tell him in minute-per-minute detail about my life as a call girl. …Who knew then he was gathering information?”

…I feel sorry for them both, in a way. And wonder (in as gentle a tone-of-mind as possible) which of them was dumber about this — him, for not realizing how likely this relationship was to bite him in the butt some day (as he certainly anticipated it would come back to bite Sam in the butt on TWW)?…or her, for not realizing (as his conversation even about other subjects probably was suggesting about every five minutes) that just about everything you say in front of a writer is likely to go into the creative pot?


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