A "Buckaroo Banzai" comic, woo woo!

by Diane

One of the covers of the new BB miniseriesI see that I’m a trifle late in finding out about this — dewline put me onto it (hey, thanks!!) — and after a little Googling I see that Chris Roberson mentioned it last month. But ask me if I care, at the moment. I’m delighted! I saw BB at its Worldcon premiere and have loved that universe dearly ever since.

Now it turns out that Moonstone Books, starting in April, will be bringing out a comics version of Buckaroo Banzai — a three-issue miniseries. The first book’s story was done by BB creator Mac Rauch, and is entitled “Return of the Screw”.

I am so jazzed! Can’t wait.

(Fascinating sidenote: the penciler, Stephen Thompson, is Irish…and had never heard of BB before being asked by Moonstone to work on the project. See the interview with him, inker Keith Williams and writer Joe Gentile for more details.)

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