Uh oh, it's March again: here comes St. Patrick's Day…

In any given year, between about the 5th and the 17th or March, the stats at EuropeanCuisines.com go through the roof. I try to pay attention to the site, then, and put the links up here and there for people who’re interested. But what with one thing and another, I’m going to have zero time to deal with this next week: so for the bloggers among you who’re looking for Irish food tips in advance of The Day, here are the links for you…

The EuropeanCuisines.com website’s single most popular recipe, with more than 500,000 “hits” over the last five years: Peter’s Mum’s Soda Bread Recipe(s)

To supplement the above article, we’re offering a two-part video tutorial. Here it is in .wmv (Windows Moviemaker / Windows Media Player) format:

  • Part 1, “Cake” Style Soda Bread (29 megabytes)
  • Part 2, “Farl” Style Soda Bread (40 megabytes)The AVI version:
  • Part 1, “Cake” Style Soda Bread (62 megabytes: suitable for streaming video)
  • Part 2, “Farl” Style Soda Bread (81 megabytes: suitable for streaming video)Part 1 contains ingredient measurements and other advice for soda bread in general. Part 2 contains instructions for “farl” and a very small dissertation on Irish tea. Before viewing either video, please read the article first!

    Also, because so many people ask for it: The Original Irish coffee recipe, developed at the old flying-boat base at Foynes (near the present Shannon Airport). The most important words in it: no whipped cream! (You’re supposed to use the heaviest pouring cream you can find.) The second most important words: no stirring!

    (Links to our Irish recipe collections and the Irish cookbook guide can be found on the main Irish page at EuropeanCuisines.com.)

    And a final, favorite side note: Why our site doesn’t have any recipes for corned beef and cabbage. And won’t.

    (sigh) Now I can get back to cat-wizard things.

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