She declares a barbecue

by Diane Duane

It’s 23 Centigrade outside OOA HQ in beautiful County Wicklow. (That’s about 73 Fahrenheit for those of you who aren’t up to doing the conversion right this moment.) The sun is shining brilliantly. The hawthorn is in bloom. The cats are lying around on the gravel complaining (both verbally and nonverbally) about the heat. The lawn guy’s just been, and the air smells of new-mown grass and honeysuckle. The poppies are going insane in a papaverish sort of way. The fountain in the fishpond is going tinkletinkletinkle. It is that most astonishing of times on this planet, an Irish Bank Holiday weekend when there is no rain.

Only one thing to do now.


(recipes follow shortly)

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