Note to self: about the bats…

On summer evenings, when the little ultrasonic things that keep bugs and mice out of the house are turned on, if the windows are going to be open, turn the ultrasonics off. Otherwise the local pipistrelle bats come in the windows and start hunting through the house for the strange mutant bat-thing that’s suddenly appeared on their territory and is making these weird noises.

A soprano pipistrelle bat
The cats then go completely spare as they start trying to catch the flying mice. Then Peter has to go through all kinds of amusing gymnastics to (a) keep the cats from eating the bats, because they’re a protected species, and (b) to get the bats to fly out again. And sometimes they’re sufficiently annoyed when he catches them that they try to bite him (funny but harmless, as pipistrelles’ teeth are designed for bugs and can’t even scratch human skin).


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