Forecast: If Today Is Your Birthday (October 20, 1956) (And You're Peter Morwood)

by Diane Duane

Happy Birthday! Today you turn 50 with your usual grace and style.

You will go far this year, traveling to far-flung places like Tokyo and Los Angeles. You will eat schweinshäxe in Munich, and petit salé in Paris, and pizza at Big Nick’s in New York. (And probably something with a lot of chilies in it tonight, in Newbridge.) You will finally get that honeymoon you’ve been talking about (and after twenty years, it seems like a good idea to get it handled). And your career will take off a whole lot more (and of course you know why. Shame you can’t tell everybody else about it for a while yet).

You have a wife who loves you more than anything. Even Switzerland. (Not that you don’t know, but reminding you occasionally seems like a good idea.)

So go get dressed so we can go to the pub.


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