Diane Duane

  • P J Evans

    It really is that good – although I noticed one ‘continuity’ error from the previous novel. (What ship is Afterburner driving at Augo? Because at RV Tri he had Ortisei.)

  • P J Evans

    Oh yeah, and the link to ‘Owl Springs Partnership’ has either broken or been hijacked. (I was looking for the Romulan Language generator to get a name for my next computer. Got the generator from elsewhere, thanks, but finding one that didn’t keep coming back here was a pain.)

  • spri0037

    i assume diane duane reads these posts. empty chair was great. hoping for the impossible, i wish she would continue with s short story somewhere of what happened to ael.

  • spri0037

    diane, i obviously am new to blogs, and didn’t realizing how this worked until today.

    but thanks so very much for the wonderful book empty chair. you did a great great job. i love ael,and do hope someone if not yoruself continues the story somehow, about what happens after the end of empty chair.

    also…i wondered what the tarot deck was you used in the book if it was one you created yourself

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  • Diane- just wanted to say thank you for The Romulan Way, Ael, and the Rihannsu ideas as a whole. Thank all relevant deities for characters that work.

    Also, (however off the topic), in particular I wanted to thank you very much for The Wounded Sky. I cannot begin to describe what a relief it was to read that book and finally start reading some real SF thinking again. Grew up on Asimov, and I really was missing the big ideas.