And so we bid a fond farewell to Sweden

It was a charming convention. I look forward to coming back some time (with Peter, this time).

Stockholm is a city I look forward to visiting again when I have more time. The light here is very special. (The dark, not so special. Or maybe it is, but I’m a little set against it at the moment, as last night I got off the T-bana / Metro on the wrong side of the square at Odenplan, and (having set off confidently in the wrong direction) spent the next three-quarters of an hour (a) walking around in the dark and the rain (b) while trying to read the city map (c) and trying not to look like I was reading the city map in the dark, in the rain (d) while being ten blocks from where I should have been.  No matter: I backtracked and found where I should have been.)

(It’s funny today. Last night, not so funny. But eighteen or twenty-four hours puts everything in perspective.)

Meanwhile, preparatory to heading back to my hotel, I find myself sitting in Gamla stan / the Old Town… in an Irish bar. They just happened to have (a) whiskey and (b) a ton of open outlets in the front of the place where I was able to plug in the computer and the phone.

Home tomorrow. Which is good, as I miss the computers, and the cats. And the husband. (Feorag, also NB:  you have fans up here, and Fluff is kindly spoken of.) But in the meantime — thanks to all the Stocon folk for a memorable weekend. (And the cookbooks are brilliant, guys. Thanks again.)

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Diane Duane

  • Peak

    Thanks a lot for coming to the convention.

    It was really fun to hear what you had to say and to meet you.

    “The one who had read far too much Star Trek books in his life”