Such a strange piece of news to wake up to

Like a lot of other people, I’ve been following the “Clark Rockefeller” kidnapping case and its sequelae, bemused by the net of false identities that the guy seems to have woven around himself (partly because I’ve had a very annoying identity thief of my own in the past), and also now grimly interested by his linking to an unsolved missing persons / murder case in California.

But this article that I stumbled across in the Boston Globe this morning brought me up short… because the interviewee is an old business associate and friend.

Turns out one of the missing persons, Linda Sohus, used to work at the SF bookstore Dangerous Visions on Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, which most Los Angeles-based science fiction fans would have known well. And Lydia Marano, to whom the postcard in the article was sent, ran the bookstore, and also worked closely with Brynne Stephens and me when we were story-editing the animated series “Dinosaucers” for the Valley-based production company DiC. To discover that the missing woman worked for Lydia is beyond strange, and makes me wonder whether (while passing in and out of DV over my time in LA) I may have met her.  And now no one knows where she is, or even if she’s alive.

How weird life is sometimes…

(ETA: Apparently “Rockefeller’s” brother in Germany has ID’d him.)

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