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Our site features DRM-free ebooks by SF and fantasy writers Diane Duane and / or Peter Morwood that are converted from approved text versions under the authors' supervision by a small production team.

We also feature regular discount offers, and our newest ebook offerings always appear here first, before any of the online retail or distribution sites.



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Our site features hardcovers and paperbacks from SF and fantasy writers Diane Duane and / or Peter Morwood. All are in near-mint to mint condition -- some out of print, all collectilble, and all autographed and personalized to you or anyone you'd like to designate.


DD's new anthology: "Uptown Local and Other Interventions"

This new anthology collects for the first time some of Diane Duane's  most popular short work -- stories that range across time and space, with a visit to her best-known milieu, the seminal Young Wizards young adult / urban fantasy series.

Uptown Local features eleven long and short works from the last decade and beyond, including:

  • In The Company of Heroes -- A billionaire "living the dream" goes on a desperate quest for the one thing he needs to make his life perfect: a very special comic book...
  • The Rizzoli Bag -- A sad young man in a Roman cafe is offered a once-in-a-lifetime bargain...
  • Out of the Frying Pan -- The life of a part-time witch working in a shopping mall is turned upside down in a day...
  • The Queen and the Thief and the Dragon -- A (fairy) tale of the True West, and a young monarch's solution to a thorny diplomatic problem...
  • Bears -- An ancient sorrow (with a modern twist) wanders through the tumult of a pre-Lenten street carnival...
  • The Fix -- In the dark guts of Rome's Colosseum, a slave boy with an impossible dream becomes entangled in the machinations of immortals...
  • Herself -- In the heart of Dublin, something is killing the People of the Hills -- and it's going to take Ireland's only superhero to stop it...
  • Hopper Painting -- Desolation and redemption in a midnight diner, as trapped and desperate characters struggle with the soul of the artist who created them......
  • The Back Door -- Two terrorists meet in Zurich to carry out a very unusual heist with a confederate who's more dangerous than they imagine...

...And of course, the title story, beloved and sought after for a quarter century by Young Wizards fans, and finally available in an ebook -- along with the only other Young Wizards short story, Theobroma.


This ebook, like all our books, is DRM-free and can be moved from device to device at your pleasure. Also, for the same flat price, we offer a multi-format bundle for those who have more than one reading device. Just choose "All Format Bundle" in the book's dropdown menu.



Now at the Ebooks Direct store: "Stealing the Elf-King's Roses: The Author's Cut"

It's been in the works for a good while now, so it's a pleasure to announce that the new revised ebook edition of Stealing the Elf-King's Roses -- which anticipated CSI-style forensic drama and introduced it for the first time into an SF/fantasy setting -- is now available in the Ebooks Direct store.

The new edition of Stealing the Elf-King's Roses comes with an afterword that talks about the evolution of the book, and also with the worldbuilding notes that set up the histories of the sheaf of universes where the story's set. (Look under the cut for more info.)


This ebook, like all our books, is DRM-free and can be moved from device to device at your pleasure.

Also, for the same flat price, we offer an all-format bundle containing various versions of the major ebook formats, for those with more than one reading device. Just choose "All Format Bundle" in the book's dropdown menu.





From the afterword:

As usual, when you look at a work almost ten years after you’ve written it, you find things that the almost-ten-years-on writer really wants to fix. There are little edits all through this edition, and some material that was edited out in the original edition has been restored; but in particular, the last few chapters have been rewritten to try to clarify exactly what the heck is going on.

Previous readers of my work will know that I have no trouble at all playing Cosmic Conkers – i.e., banging two universes together and seeing which one breaks first -- but this situation was big and complex even by my standards. I hope the revisions satisfy both old readers returning to a favorite work, and new ones reading it for the first time. (In particular, some readers have mentioned that they’ve never read the book because the original cover gave them the idea it was a romance. I hope the new cover will have remedied this.)

...Every now and then people ask me when I’m going to do another book in this worldset. Until now the answer had been, “I’m not sure where else I can go with this.” Now, though, after the revision, I begin to see some ways forward. We’ll see how this realization plays out over the next year or so.

-- While it's always dangerous to ask a writer what his or her favorite book is, I have to admit to having a real soft spot for this one -- maybe because I spent more time working on the project than on almost any other in my career: so I'm delighted to be able to relaunch it now, in this new and improved version, in e-format. You can read an excerpt from an early chapter here, if you like.

Right now the book is available in the two main ebook formats: .ePub (for the Nook, iPad and Sony Reader) and .mobi (for the Kindle and all MobiPocket-friendly readers). And people who have devices that use both formats can also pick it up in a bundled download that contains both the .ePub and the .mobi files. We'll be adding more formats to the selection at the Ebooks Direct store over the next week or so, and in early December we'll be launching the book in the Kindle Store at Amazon and other online facilities.

Also: as mentioned above, to celebrate the release we'll also be offering, for a limited time, a 30% discount on the complete nine-volume set of the Young Wizards International editions -- as above, in .ePub and .mobi formats, and a bundled download that contains both. Just use the coupon code ROSES at checkout to get the discount. (Info on how to use discount codes at the store is here.)

Enjoy, all!

A "Big Meow" update: freerange date change, ebooks, etc

First: thanks so much to everybody who's written me about the book. The sheer kindness of all of you has been really touching.

Since the announcement went up on the 2nd we've been going through some annoying technical hitches, mostly involving problems with file uploads, which in turn delayed the last chapters going up. These problems have been resolved (not in the way I would have preferred, which involved our hosting provider's servers and a sledgehammer...) and everything is fine now, with all chapters in place in both PDF and html formats, as was done in the ancient day.

However, this delay has thrown a spanner in the works regarding the date on which the book goes online-freerange, as many subscribers have not seen the final text as yet. Additionally, a lot of folks have changed email addresses, and many many availability notifications have bounced back to us. Therefore, while we contiunue tracking people down, I've decided not to let the book go freerange until later in the month: specifically, February 23rd. I hope all the non-subscribing readership will understand that I feel it fair to make every possible effort for the subscribers to be the first to see what they've waited so long for. Meanwhile, if you're reading this and haven't heard from us as we slog our way through the old database, please use the contact form to get in touch so we can mail you your user info and let you get at the end of the book.

Now comes some more technical stuff. The ebook versions of the complete text, for subscribers only, will be going up later today in the protected directory. Right now we have Kindle / .mobi and Nook / iPad / whatever .ePub formats ready to go. If any subscribers reading this have requests for other formats, please use the contact form at the-big-meow.com to let us know, and we'll see if we can accommodate you. Also, as before, if you have misplaced your subscription info or haven't heard from us yet, please use the contact form to message Lee, who will get the username / password info our to you as quickly as possible.

(PS: the cover image on the right is a placeholder. We have a request from an old friend of the project who is also a very gifted (and increasingly well-known) artist who's interested in doing the final cover, which delights me. As soon as she and I hammer out the details, we'll announce it here.)

Young Wizards in Canada, part 2: Thank you, Kobo!

Kobo logo

After the posting that went up yesterday on the unavailability of digital versions of the Young Wizards books in Canada, we had a really interesting response in the comments…

 Hi there,

When we saw this blog post we contacted HMH directly to inquire about where Canadian rights for the Young Wizards series stand. They confirmed that the titles do have Canadian rights, so as of a few hours ago they've been available to readers in Canada: (use this link.)

Nathan Maharaj
Manager, Merchandising

You folks are stars.  Thank you, Nathan! We’ll update all the web pages at YoungWizards.com and DianeDuane.com to reflect this.

I also note this response to Nathan from”Jc”:

And are the errors fixed?

I’d say it’s a fair bet that they won’t be, and indeed can’t be, considering that the distributors of ebooks — like Kobo and Smashwords and B&N and Amazon —  are specifically enjoined by the publishers against changing the content of ebooks. Errors or other production issues in an ebook have to be addressed by the publisher in question itself.

Seriously — and it seems I have to keep saying this, since there are a surprising number of people who’ve been writing me in a “tone of voice” that suggests they think the errors in the files were somehow my fault -- believe me, they're not. They seem to have been introduced during the conversion of the books to digital format.  I'm presently working with the publisher to see how this situation can be put right, but everyone needs to be clear that I only have so much influence I can exert in these matters. While I personally supervise the quality of ebooks that come out of Badfort Press and Errantry Press, I presently have no direct quality control over ebooks produced inside Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and I don't know how soon this state of affairs might change. As consumers, however, you can add your leverage to mine. If you find that the presentation of the product you’re being sold falls below your expectations of quality, I urge you to contact the publisher yourselves and making your opinions known. If enough people do this, there’s a chance of something happening.

Anyway, congratulations to Kobo! I didn’t even know you folks existed until very recently. I’m impressed by your proactiveness.  :)  Canadian YW fans, if you would check the Kobo link above and make sure that it produces results for you, I’d appreciate it. (Please leave responses in the comment thread under the Out of Ambit posting.)

25 March, 2011: ETA: After contacting my publisher regarding the unavailability of the YW books to Canadian Amazon.com customers, the problem was fixed yesterday afternoon. Thanks for keeping me in the loop, everybody!

Now available for Young Wizards fans worldwide: Young Wizards International Edition ebooks

It's a pleasure to announce that at last readers outside the US and Canada can acquire all the Young Wizards books in ebook form.


Previously only North American readers had access to the whole series in e-format (and even that took a while, due to some hiccups at the publisher). But all nine books are now available to readers both in North America and the rest of the world.


These ebook editions of the original "classic" YW books are available both at our onsite Ebooks Direct store and at the Kindle store at Amazon.com. Also via Amazon.com, we'll be making printed versions of the whole series available for the international readership.


if you're in the US or Canada and looking for ebook versions of the YW novels, please check the Ebooks page at YoungWizards.com: it has all the links you'll need for access to the books via Amazon.com or Kobo.com.


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