Hugo eligibility

Eligible for 2019 Hugo Award nomination: the Tale of the Five Series

The Five contemplate a Hugo Award

So it's that time of year when nominations open up for the World Science Fiction Society's Hugo Awards, and it turns out that work of mine is eligible to be nominated for one in 2019. (I confess to being a little excited, since some of my earliest work is involved -- not to mention my very earliest award-nominated work -- in a universe for which I have something of a soft spot.)

The Misadventures of Prince Ivan

This is the 2011 ABOUTComics edition of the graphic novel The Misadventures of Prince Ivan. The graphic novel features material published as "The Adventures of Prince Ivan", originally serialized in issues 8 through 13 of The Dreamery and published by Eclipse Comics. The fourth part of the graphic novel, "Prince Ivan and the Bachelor Parties of Doom", is new in this volume and completes the story.

The interior art is by Hugo-nominated comics artist Sherlock. The cover art is by Ken Macklin.