Middle Kingdoms

The Door into Sunset

"The series as a whole seems destined to become one of the best in the genre." (West Coast Review of Books)


"The culminating battle will disappoint nobody. Imaginative, well-handled magical affrays,
plus plotting that provides enough twists and turns to keep things interesting." (Kirkus Reviews)

"Duane has crafted an intelligent and exhilarating Swords and Sorcery adventure." (Publishers Weekly)

The Door Into Shadow

"To my way of reckoning, this is an even stronger book than the first...
Absorbing, the kind of book one reads in gulps and cannot put down."
-- Andre Norton

In the Middle Kingdoms, the royal magics are failing. The dread Reaver armies threaten the southern passes, and behind them moves the eternal malice of the Shadow, sworn to destroy all it can of the Goddess's creation -- especially the re-established realms of humankind.

Parting Gifts

The third and and final novella in the "Sirronde's World" series.Sirronde faces an ultimate challenge as she discovers she must go up against the Shadow during the Dreadnights, that wintry time of year when the Goddess's archenemy is at its strongest -- and with no help but that of two most unpromising traveling companions: an untried young man and a kitten. Her fate lies in their hands (or paws) and theirs in hers as the three venture into the darkness under the mountain, none of them knowing whether any of them will live to see the dawn...

The Door Into Fire

Book 1 of The Tale of the Five

"Good strong stuff with the right light touch." (Terry Pratchett) 

"Expands the limits of the swords and sorcery genre. Exciting, magical, intelligent."
(Publishers Weekly)