The Book of Night with Moon

Book 1 in the Feline Wizards group
The Book of Night with Moon , Hodder & Stoughton (UK) hardcover
The Book of Night with Moon Warner trade pb cover

"Fantasy set in the universe Duane created in a YA series (Deep Wizardry, 1990, etc.). Cats are intelligent and have their own language, Ailurin; feline wizards with their human counterparts keep transit gates open and the world safe from disasters and invasions. Three New York wizards, house pet Rhiow, neurotic Saash, and dumpster resident Urruah, are detailed by the Powers That Be to repair a malfunctioning gate beneath Grand Central Station before a train accidentally gets hurled into another dimension... Often intriguing, with a well-worked backdrop... Fantasy-loving ailurophiles will curl up and purr." (Kirkus Reviews)