The Door Into Shadow

Second of the Middle Kingdoms series
The Door into Shadow (Middle Kingdoms #2), new Ebooks Direct ebook / Amazon pb
The Door into Shadow (Middle Kingdoms #2), Corgi mmpb
The Door into Shadow (Middle Kingdoms #2), Tor SF mmpb
The Door into Shadow (Middle Kingdoms #2), old Ebooks Direct ebook / Amazon pb

"To my way of reckoning, this is an even stronger book than the first...
Absorbing, the kind of book one reads in gulps and cannot put down."
-- Andre Norton

In the Middle Kingdoms, the royal magics are failing. The dread Reaver armies threaten the southern passes, and behind them moves the eternal malice of the Shadow, sworn to destroy all it can of the Goddess's creation -- especially the re-established realms of humankind.

One man stands between the Shadow and its prey: Freelorn Ferrant's son, called the Lion's Child, exiled prince of Arlen. His companions are a strange crew -- from Sunspark, a fire elemental who's trying hard to understand humankind without burning everyone to cinders in the process, to Eftgan, housewife, mother of three, and warrior Queen of Darthen.

And there are also the keepers of the blue Flame of Power: Herewiss, the first man in centuries to master the Fire, and wielder of the great sword Khávrinen, and Segnbora, a warrior and sorceress whose power is locked in her terrible past, and who speaks with the tongue of dragons.

Together they will face the nameless terrors of Glasscastle, where sorrow walks with madness. They will scale the awesome heights of the Bluepeaks in search of a kingdom's salvation. And they will make the first moves in the apocalyptic war that will set the true king on the throne... or see their world destroyed.